Easy to deploy, use, and trust.

Data never leaves your environment.


Easy, fast, and flexible deployment

Get started in 10 mins, see value in less then 30 mins, connectors for all your data sources


Remain in full control of your data

Choose from SaaS or Enterprise (Private SaaS), your data never leaves your environment.


Scales efficiently and complimentary

Cloud-native designed for petabyte-scale. Easily integrate with existing tools.


SOC2 certified, secure by design

Single tenant instance, audit logging and monitoring, SSO, auto-updates, security reviews.


No management overheads

Simple setup and config, no on-going maintenance required to secure your data ecosystem


Complements your data stack

Agent-less connectors, no code integration, no modifications to your infrastructure.

Automate discovery of sensitive data, inventory, mapping and classification

“Do you know where your sensitive or at-risk data is?“

ML-powered discovery finds PII, PHI, PFI, Credentials, Secrets etc. Out-of-the box compliance templates automatically classify these based on security frameworks and privacy regulations.

Real-time Privacy Observability service ensure your data inventory, mapping is always kept up to-date, along with security correlation and context to give you complete data risk visibility.


George Neville-Neil

Leading Security Practioner and Consultant


“Borneo’s intelligent data mapping and global search provide instant answers to help with your investigation workflows, along with all the data and security context required to fast-track remediation.”


Analyze gaps in Data Ownership, ROPA, DPIA and TOMs

“Do you know your privacy compliance gaps?“

Compliance teams can quickly find and fix data ownership gaps to improve data stewardship. Use our pre-built workflows to create and maintain accurate Record Of Data Processing.

Understand high-risk data processing activities, complete Data Privacy Impact Assessments. Library of >400 technical operating measures to implement controls for standards like ISO 27001, NIST, ENISA etc.


Himanshu Jha

Data Analytics and Data Science Lead


“As a digital telco and a SaaS platform, we’re constantly dealing with the challenges of securing a large cloud data footprint and complex compliance requirements. Borneo provides us with real-time data security along with privacy data intelligence so our data teams can keep innovating without worrying about data leaks, misuse, or mishandling.”


Fix issues in real-time using flexible investigation response, data minimization, policy enforcement and security controls

“How do you find and fix issues as they happen?“

Build custom trigger-based workflows for anonymization, encryption, permissions, access clean-up, and consistent policy enforcement.

Reduce mean time to resolutions by high signal-to-noise and context for engineerings and data owners.

Flexible integrations for notifications, granular configs based on detected infotype, category, or location of incident.


Chris McCann



“Borneo solves the data visibility and proactive privacy management problem for both for the practitioner and leadership, allowing for confident security-informed decision making, visibility and proactive remediation across the enterprise.”


Protect by implementing drift monitoring, least privilege, run spot audits to manage risk holistically

How do we dynamically protect your valuable data?

Monitor policy drift by using privacy data observability to identify security gaps and permissions.

Manage data retention & deletion requirement, apply intelligent access policies as data risk changes.

Global search interface to run granular queries for evidence gathering for audits, and investigations to power automatic PII clean-up across your cloud data stores.


Jordi Costello



“Borneo's innovative privacy data management platform integrates with your existing workflows and data stack to help engineers go from being reactive to proactive when protecting valuable customer data and building user trust.”


Validate GDPR, DPA,CCPA, HIPAA, ISO27001, SOC2, PCI DSS, country specific regulations and localization requirements continuously

Identify privacy gaps to achieve continuous compliance

Out-of-the box mapping, enforcement and validation for existing and new compliance regulations.

Produce custom reports for regulators and auditors, including detailed evidence.

Achieve unified compliance and stay ahead of emerging regulations without slowing down business.


Chris Kim

Former Head of Facebook International Legal


“Governments around the world are enacting ever more punitive and complex rules around personal data. In 2020 alone, the EU authorities issued 158.5 million Euros in fines and the size of those fines are only expected to increase. Borneo is invaluable to manage and mitigate your personal data risk and prevent your company from becoming a cautionary story.”


As a security incident responder for 10 years and now executive leadership, I've managed and participated in privacy incidents from various perspectives. Rarely does one product provide confidence to both security engineers and senior management. Borneo solves the data visibility and proactive privacy management problem for both for the practitioner and leadership, allowing for confident security-informed decision making, visibility and proactive remediation across the enterprise.


Chris McCann, CISO, Chainlink
Advisor, Borneo

Tokern as an OSS is Borneo’s effort to enable other security practitioners to successfully drive toward data compliance as an outcome of data security.

Choose real-time data protection. Choose Borneo.

Manage risk, increase trust, and accelerate innovation across your entire data ecosystem.