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Borneo for US Privacy Laws

A Trusted Solution for Companies and Privacy Professionals.

Borneo offers Privacy Automation and Data Security in One Platform to achieve continuous compliance and protect against data leaks.

Through a single plane of glass, reduce context-switching between cross-functional teams.

Data Discovery & Mapping

Automate discovery of sensitive data, inventory, mapping and classification

Having visibility into your data in the cloud is the foundation to any good privacy practice.

An example, is with the CCPA/CPRA in California. Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) was newly introduced as a sub-category of “personal information”. Borneo can expose SPI and other at-risk data, by scanning the data assets of your choice (all without ever leaving your environment aka no egress costs). Additionally, users have the flexibility to implement custom tags for policies, such as data retention.


Data Breach Notification

Optimize your Data Breach Management

All 50 US states, Washington, DC, and most US territories (including, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands) have passed breach notification laws that require notifying state residents of a security breach involving more sensitive categories of information, such as SSNs and other identifiers.

With Borneo you can enhance cross-collaboration between privacy, compliance and security teams by creating various notification policies with Slack, Jira and EventBridge. This ensures security teams receive real-time notifications to remediate critical violations.

Build a register of data breach cases using in-built templates, allowing compliance teams to create and download reports for further report to authorities or aid investigations such as due diligence or audits.


Monitor and Track Progress

Stay up-to-date and Increase User’s Trust

US privacy laws and self-regulatory principles vary in requirements, but typically you want to be on top of your processing and data use-cases.

On the Borneo platform, each responsible person has all their data protection tasks, with relevant legal documentation if needed, in their personal tab ont he dashboard, sorted by priority and due date.

To enable continuous compliance with the latest legal and regulatory changes, privacy and compliance teams can configure notification policies to receive alerts of new tasks, regular reviews, data management requirements and deletion.


Records of Processing Activities and Generate Reports

Understand your Sensitive Data Footprint

While US privacy laws do not explicitly require for businesses to document a ROPA, several states like California and Texas impose certain registration requirements on data brokers, depending on the data processing activities carried out.

To assist with this, Borneo simplifies and automates the process of creating 100% real-time maps of your company's data flows for a detailed and visual identification of the data your organization processes, responsible data owners and how it is transferred internally or externally.

Minimize the risks of non-compliance and comply with all the privacy requirements by triggering automated notifications workflows for the data minimization and retention policies.


Library of Frameworks & Controls

Stay updated and compliant with the latest frameworks, controls and TOMs

Access a library of hundreds of controls based on various common frameworks and standards like HIPAA, NIST and FedRAMP to map implemented and failed controls against specific frameworks.

Supported by real-time sensitive data scans, privacy and compliance teams can collaborate with security and data teams through a single pane of glass without switching context to remediate violations, maintain an updated list of TOMs and acheive continuous compliance.


Impact Assessment

Carry out analysis from your real-time data footprint

Our visualization makes it easy to understand and assess influencing factors. You can see exactly the threats to which personal data may be exposed, the risk probability, and the damage that can occur.

Once the risks are identified, Borneo selects the probability, impact, and level of the risks detected. Borneo then suggests the security recommendations your company should follow and lists the tasks that the company must perform to mitigate the risks detected.



Assisted Data Protection with our International Expert Team

Although DPOs are not necessarily required in the US, like they are in Europe, privacy officers can still be vital to an organization. And/or if you are offering goods and services in the EU, you may be required to have a DPO in line with the GDPR.

Borneo offers this service through our international legal team, specialized in privacy and data protection. They are always available for questions and doubts and will provide you with a fully personalized solution to either your privacy team or appointed employees to maintain an information security program.


"As a security incident responder for 10 years and now executive leadership, I've managed and participated in privacy incidents from various perspectives. Rarely does one product provide confidence to both security engineers and senior management.

Borneo solves the data visibility and proactive privacy management problem for both for the practitioner and leadership, allowing for confident security-informed decision making, visibility and proactive remediation across the enterprise."

Chris McCann



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