Stop Data Misuse, Mishandling, and Exfiltration

Borneo's NextGen DLP prevents the risk of data misuse, mishandling and exfiltrations across all your corporate SaaS applications.

Flexible remediation workflows for end-users to fix privacy and compliance violations without killing productivity.


What are the top challenges for security teams trying to track sensitive data, and prevent data leaks?

Data sprawl across corporate SaaS applications is a big concern for security teams trying to track and prevent sensitive data from being shared with unauthorized parties.

Gdrive, Gmail, and Slack are used widely to share data with external parties, which can potentially result in sensitive data misuse, mishandling, and leaks.

Taking necessary action to remediate these externally shared data without affecting the productivity of the end-user.

Educate the user with best practices used for sharing sensitive data across SaaS applications

Get a complete insight into the data flow across applications in a single dashboard


Data volumes and velocity of data flows are growing exponentially, spread across multiple Saas applications.

Sensitive data is shared with unauthorized users can lead to Data Misuse, Mishandling, and Exfiltration.


Complete set of features to stop leaks

  • Generate reports on data sharing and insights

    Enable your IT security teams to know where the problem lies, and train users or teams who are not following the organization's standard data sharing policies.

  • ML-powered out-of-the-box classifiers

    Borneo’s platform ships with out-of-the-box data classifiers that can automatically identify Government IDs, Credit card details, and other PII, PFI, PHI, API infotypes.

  • Custom messages to educate incident violators

    IT security teams can educate users on best practices to handle sensitive data through customized end user notifications to include references to guidelines or educational material.

  • Supports Historical Scans

    Compliance teams can run historical scans to uncover sensitive information hidden in the past, especially if externally shared, to facilitate auditing and continuous compliance.

  • Investigate incidents with global search and dashboard

    With powerful search capabilities and dashboard, easily break down and filter incidents to find the root causes of data sharing violations.

  • Configure flexible policies

    IT security teams can configure alert and remediation policies for different channels, type of sensitive data shared, count of particular data shared, and more.

  • Supports automatic and delegated remediation

    Enable your IT security teams to define remediation policies for different use cases. Remediation can be by the team, user-delegated, or automated. Bulk remediation supported.

  • Continuous and real-time monitoring

    Helps IT security teams continuous monitor for new sensitive data being created and shared to ensure quick capture and remediation.

Easy to deploy, use, and trust. Data never leaves your environment.

Easy, fast, and flexible deployment


Get started in 10 mins for SaaS or less then 60 mins for PSaaS deployment. Extensive data connectors. See value in 30 mins.

Remain in full control of your data


Choose from two deployment options: Borneo Cloud or Enterprise. Your data never leaves your environment.

Scales efficiently, extend existing investments


Cloud-native architecture powered by an API backend designed for petabyte-scale. Integrate with your existing internal tools and processes.

Security assessments and verification


Isolated instance, comprehensive audit logging and monitoring, SSO, auto-updates, vendor security assessments and reviews.

Borneo acts like an X-Ray machine helping security and data analysts alike preemptively hunt for sensitive data breaches within the company infrastructure. It doesn't stop there. Also goes on to remediate the privacy gaps while meeting the most demanding regulatory compliance requirements and keeps the security posture intact.


Suchit Mishra, CISO

Choose real-time data protection. Choose Borneo.

Manage risk, increase trust, and accelerate innovation across your entire data ecosystem.