Not just a tool;
Next-gen privacy data management platform

Ensure real-time data security and privacy observability in one solution.

Open platform designed for
hyper-growth cloud native companies

Borneo uses modular API architecture to directly integrate with your growing cloud data infrastructure, SaaS APIs and existing workflows.

Our big data-first design helps you achieve high accuracy, efficiency and scale.

Built for proactive data champions

Minimal overhead

Start with good known defaults. No complex configurations are required.

Instant time to value

Friction free deployment in as less as 10 mins so you start seeing value instantly.

Complements your stack

Integrate directly with your existing SOC workflows and SIEM tools.


Ease of use

No agent to install, no modifications to your infrastructure, or need to write a single line of code.

One-stop solution for real-time data security and privacy observability


Say goodbye to legacy 1.0 security stack. Borneo is your privacy stack that can not only prevent data theft but also inappropriate exposure or unauthorized usage of sensitive data. Ensure real-time sensitive data security and privacy observability in one solution.

Data-first business models need data-first security and privacy guardrails. The Borneo platform is so much more than a traditional DLP or data discovery solution. Borneo gives you sensitive data correlation and risk remediation at petabyte scale.


Eamon Jubbaway, Co-founder and COO, Onfido
Advisor, Borneo

Choose real-time data protection. Choose Borneo.

Manage risk, increase trust, and accelerate innovation across your entire data ecosystem.