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"Our technology monitors the health of the most vulnerable in our communities. As a result, we needed to be confident in our watertight GDPR compliance processes. Whilst starting the business, Borneo provided us with an expert team who have been unwaveringly helpful. Working with Borneo has taken much of the pressure off of the Co-Founders so we can focus on supporting vulnerable individuals. I am in no doubt that this has been the best money we have spent in setting-up our company."

Co-Founder and Head of Legal

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Achieve GDPR Compliance

A Trusted Solution for Companies and Privacy Professionals.

Our GDPR software offers a plethora of automation services that make your life easier: risk analysis, impact assessments, mandatory legal documentation such as cookie policy, etc., so you can trust Borneo to do the heavy lifting for you.

Here is a step-by-step process of getting GDPR compliant.

Appoint a DPO / EU Representative

Assisted Data Protection with our International Expert Team

GDPR has made it obligatory to appoint an EU Representative for any organisation located outside the EU, but process data inside the EU. Companies treating data from EU customers or clients have to comply with the laws of the country where the data is coming from.

Borneo offers DPO-as-a-service and you can count on our international legal team, specialized in privacy and data protection. They are always available for questions and doubts and will provide you with a fully personalized solution.


Records of Processing Activities and Generate Reports

Understand your Sensitive Data Footprint

To be GDPR compliant controllers must adhere to a set of core principles which apply to all processing of personal data.

To assist with this Borneo simplifies and automates the process of creating 100% real-time maps of your company's data flows for a detailed and visual identification of the data your organization processes, who is responsible and how it is transferred internally or externally.

We help you to minimize the risks of non-compliance and to comply with all the privacy requirements by triggering automated notifications workflows for the data minimization and retention policies.


Automate Security Controls

Easy Identification and Management of TOMs and Security Safeguards

The 'Integrity and Confidentiality Principle' of GDPR states that data must be processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, using appropriate technical and organizational measures.

With Borneo’s Platform you can identify already implemented TOMs with an easy check and identify missing ones that have to be implemented.

You will also have access to a library of hundreds of handy templates based on various common standards like our Borneo favorites ISO27001, ENISA, and many more.


Data Breach Notification

Optimize your Data Breach Management

Unless the controller determines that the breach is unlikely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, the controller must notify a breach to the supervisory authority without undue delay, and where feasible, not later than 72 hours after having become aware of it.

With Borneo you can enhance your privacy and compliance teams through integration with Slack, Jira and EventBridge. This ensures they receive real-time notifications to remediate critical violations.

Build a register to document all past data breach cases, allowing you to download reports and be prepared for further investigations such as due diligence or audits.


Monitor and Track Consent

Stay up-to-date and Increase User’s Trust

The GDPR states that individuals have the right of access, to rectification, to erasure, to restrict processing, to data portability, to object, and the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.

In Borneo’s platform, each person responsible has all their data protection related tasks, with legal documentation if needed, in their personal tab on the dashboard, sorted by priority and due date.

Borneo sends alerts of legal changes, regular reviews, data management requirements, deletion, and so on, to ensure you are compliant with GDPR.


Transfer Impact Assessment

Keep control of all your Data Recipients

Transfers of personal data by a controller or a processor to third countries outside of the EU are only permitted where the conditions laid down in the GDPR are met, as stated in Article 44.

At Borneo we verify if the country to which the data is transferred has the appropriate level of protection, and all processing activities involved, easily recorded on the Borneo platform.

With the help of the integrated recipient registry on Borneo’, you can easily categorize and validate your third-party providers, attach the required legal safeguards for data transfers to your recipients and make sure that your external service providers and third parties are also held accountable.


GDPR Compliance Audit

Determine the Treatment Requirements of the Personal Data you Handle

Borneo’s data protection audit helps you identify the needs of the data being processed specific to your company, as treatments/processes will differ depending on the type of data being treated and what you intend to do with it. Borneo also equips you with easy export of Audit ready reports.


Choose real-time data protection. Choose Borneo.

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