Prevent data exfiltrations across your Corporate SaaS Applications using non-blocking remediation workflows: Borneo release 1.7

Teck Wu4/6/2023 4 Min Read

Borneo's latest 1.7 release gives your end-users improved remediation features for you to achieve zero data exfiltrations and org-wide compliance with greater efficiency. Incident responders and end-users can now quickly resolve incidents directly within Slack. The customizable notification message can be used to remind end-users of data handling best practices and point them to helpful resources. Using the new Incident Dashboard, Security teams can find hotspots of sensitive data sharing within the organization and track incident resolution.

The above are just some of the major new features in Borneo for Corp Apps 1.7. Read on for more details below.

Investigate and resolve incidents of sensitive data sharing right within Slack

Borneo notifies both the end-user and your IT security team when it detects an incident, which can then be resolved by deleting the message or marking based on the various options related to the use case. This updates the incident status for all team members so that everyone knows whether and how a particular incident has been resolved.

(Incident responders can mark a finding as test data e.g. test credentials)

(If data is sensitive, the message can be deleted.)

Note: Ability to delete Slack messages depends on your Slack plan.

(The incident status is updated everywhere, so all team members stay in the loop.)

Educate your users on sensitive data handling best practices to reduce data misuse

The best way to prevent data misuse is to educate your users about the right way to handle sensitive data, through regular reminders and training. You can now customize the message Borneo sends your users in response to incidents of sensitive data sharing to include references to your data handling guidelines or other educational material. The messages can be adjusted for different types of sensitive data, e.g. PII vs credentials and other secrets.

(Remind users about data sharing guideline when they accidentally share sensitive data.)

Track incident resolution in the Incident Dashboard

As security engineers, finding insights on data sharing incidents manually is a huge pain. With the new incident dashboard, you can easily break down and filter incidents to find the root causes of data sharing violations. Know what kind of sensitive data is shared most, by which team member, through which Slack channels, or how incidents are being resolved etc.

(Drill down to find specific incidents based on infotype or resolution, then review the incident details.)

You can resolve multiple incidents at once from the new dashboard using the new bulk update feature:

(Bulk resolution of multiple incidents)

Perform targeted Slack scans to detect specific incidents of data mishandling

As a security or IT engineer, you might want to perform different scopes of full scans. For instance, a more thorough scan for external channels compared to others. Our Full Scan feature enables configuring specific filters to narrow down your scopes, to create multiple quick scans, to see results quickly.

(Different filters available for a full scan)

Guided on-boarding for new Borneo users

A new, guided on-boarding experience makes it easier for new users to get started with Borneo. The new on-boarding screen guides users step-by-step through the process of enabling connectors, setting up integrations, and configuration infotypes.

(New onboarding page guides users step-by-step)

Other Features & Improvements

Configurable API rate limits for all connectors --- you can now specify hard API rate limits for all connectors, to ensure Borneo's usage of the APIs does not interfere with other corporate applications that might be using the same APIs.

New/Updated Infotype Detectors

  • Corporate email addresses --- Borneo can now distinguish between different types of email addresses, e.g. your own corporate email addresses and those of your users.
  • New country-specific infotypes for India:

So, what do you think about these new features? Contact us for a demo!

What is Borneo?

Borneo helps security & privacy teams achieve continuous compliance and data protection through accurate & actionable data discovery.

Want to watch Borneo in action? Request a demo here and we will get back to you soonest.

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